Planning, design and development of regional facilities will be adopted by Component 3 through a cluster approach. Mainly, this component will finance construction, rehabilitation, closure, remediation, and equipment of facilities servicing more than one urban local body, such as:

  • Processing and recycling facilities
  • Construction and demolition waste management facilities
  • Transfer stations and regional sanitary landfills for municipal solid waste disposal
  • Closure and remediation of existing waste dumpsites and development of incremental waste disposal cells
  • Biomedical waste management facilities

All the facilities will be developed on a regional basis, including multiple urban local bodies and peri-urban local self-governments. For the effective implementation of the project, this component also supports sub-projects like:

  • Regional solid waste disposal systems
  • Regional municipal waste processing or recycling facilities
  • Regional medical waste and construction and demolition waste management
  • Closure or remediation of existing dumpsites

The component will be implemented and managed by the State-level Project Management Unit. For individual projects, administrative sanctions will be given by LSGD and technical sanction will be given by the Project Director. Compliance with the National Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, the guidelines issued by Central Pollution Control Board and the new Solid Waste Management strategy of Government of Kerala are to be ensured while implementing this component.

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