Sl Document No Issued Date Subject
01 G.O.(Rt)No.1064/2019/LSGD 27/05/2019 LSGD KUSDP-Committee for the evaluation and short listing of firms for Consultancy Services. LSGD-DA1/149/2019-LSGD
02 G.O.(Rt)No.779/2020/LSGD 24/04/2020 LSGD KUSDP
03 G.O.(Rt)No.1420/2020/LSGD 29/07/2020 LSGD Suchitwa Mission- KUSDP -Change in name- Reg
04 G.O.(Rt)No.1460/2020/LSGD 05/08/2020 LSGD LSGD- Inviting REOI for hiring Project Management Consultants for the World Bank aided KSWMP- Reg
05 G.O.(Rt)No.1664/2020/LSGD 15/09/2020 LSGD KSWMP- Request for EoI for hiring PMC and TSC – Constitution of Evaluation Committee
06 G.O.(Ms)No.152/2020/LSGD 09/10/2020 LSGD KUSDP LSGD-DC1/193/2020-LSGD
07 G.O.(Ms)No.160/2020/LSGD 21/10/2020 LSGD KUSDP LSGD-DC1/193/2020-LSGD
08 G.O.(Rt)No.2387/2020/LSGD 22/12/2020 LSGD KSWMP-Procurement of PMC for the Project- Evaluation of the REols – Approval for Minutes of the Evaluation Committee-reg
09 G.O.(Rt)No.50/2021/LSGD 08/01/2021 LSGD KSWMP-Request for EoI for hiring consultants for Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey and Impact Assessment
10 G.O.(Rt)No.468/2021/LSGD 17/02/2021 LSGD KSWMP – Constitution of High Level Project Steering Committee – reg
11 G.O.(Rt)No.488/2021/LSGD 18/02/2021 LSGD KSWMP- Inviting request for Expression (REOI) for hiring TSC for WB aided KSWMP
12 G.O.(Rt)No.904/2021/LSGD 25/04/2021 LSGD KSWMP- floating RFP for Procurement of Project Management Consultant of KSWMP through e tender portal – reg
13 G.O.(Rt)No.1173/2021/LSGD 18/06/2021 LSGD KSWMP- Evaluation of RFP in connection with Procurement of Project management Consultancy – Engaging CMD to assist SPMU for evaluation reg
14 G.O.(Rt)No.1217/2021/LSGD 25/06/2021 LSGD KSWMP- Request for EoI for hiring PMC and TSC – Constitution of Evaluation Committee
15 G.O.(Rt)No.1651/2021/LSGD 31/08/2021 LSGD KSWMP- Hiring of consultancy services for communication strategy Development and implementation & digital Media Engagement – Direct selection method – reg
16 G.O.(Rt)No.1797/2021/LSGD 18/09/2021 LSGD LSGD – KSWMP – Procurement of Consultancy Services for Kerala Solid Waste Management Project – Evaluation of EoIs and RFPs – Re-constitution of Evaluation Committee – Request – Reg.
17 G.O.(Ms)No.230/2021/LSGD 07/10/2021 LSGD Constituting District PMUs in 14 district for the implementation of KSWMP
18 G.O.(Rt)No.2158/2021/LSGD 01/11/2021 LSGD KSWMP-identification of suitable Land for establishing solid waste management -formation of State level committee
19 G.O.(Rt)No.2282/2021/LSGD 16/11/2021 LSGD KSWMP – Procurement of consultancy services for Kerala Solid Waste Management Project – Evaluation of EoIs and RFPs – Re-constitutionof Evaluation Committee – Reg
20 G.O.(Rt)No.2553/2021/LSGD 13/12/2021 LSGD KSWMP – Procurement of Consultancy Services for Communications Strategy Development and Implementation for Kerala Solid Waste Management Project – Evaluation of Proposals – Constitution of Evaluation Committee – Request – Reg.
21 G.O.(Rt)No.105/2022/LSGD 13/01/2022 LSGD KSWMP – Appointment of District Co-ordinator / Solid Waste Management Engineer, Finance Management Expert in District Project Management Units (DPMUs) and Solid Waste Management Engineer in Project Implementation Units (PIUs) under KSWMP on Contract basis – Reg
22 G.O.(Rt)No.654/2022/LSGD 16/03/2022 LSGD LSGD – KSWMP – Designating State Project Management Unit, KSWMP as Nodal Agency for implementing World Bank – AIIB assisted
Kerala Solid Waste Management Project under LSGD – Request- Reg.
23 G.O.(Rt)No.836/2022/LSGD 03/04/2022 LSGD KSWMP – Leasing of additional office space for State Project Management Unit – KTDFC offer for allotment of space of 2851.72 sq.ft.
in the upper ground floor, Trans Tower – Request for sanction to accept the offer – Reg.
24 G.O.(Rt)No.765/2022/LSGD 28/03/2022 LSGD KSWMP – Assigning the charge of District Coordinator, DPMU to District Development Commissioners (DDCs) – Sanction Requested – Reg.
25 G.O.(Rt)No.1062/2022/LSGD 28/04/2022 LSGD KSWMP – Reconstitution of the existing Co-ordination Committee for the World Bank & AIIB assisted Kerala Solid Waste Management Project – Reg.
26 G.O.(Rt)No.1065/2022/LSGD 28/04/2022 LSGD KSWMP – Implementation of Kerala Solid Waste Management Project – Constituting Task Team Force – Reg
27 G.O.(Rt)No.1097/2022/LSGD 04/05/2022 LSGD KSWMP – Constitution of Evaluation cum Cost Committee – Reg.
28 G.O.(Ms)No.131/2022/LSGD 22/06/2022 LSGD LSGD – KSWMP – Modified eligibility for the post of District Co-ordinator / Solid Waste Management Engineer and Financial Management Expert for District Project Management Unit (DPMUs) and Solid Waste Management Engineer for Project Implementation Units (PIUs) – Reg.
29 G.O.(Rt)No.577/2023/LSGD 09/03/2023 LSGD Local Self Government Department – KSWMP – Constituting committee for proposing amendment to the Kerala Municipal and Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 – Constituted – Orders issued.
30 G.O.(Rt) No.867/2023/LSGD 12/04/2023 Campaign Secretariat – Constituted
31 G.O.(Rt)No.1091/2023/LSGD 22/05/2023 LSGD ‘Site suitability assessment committee’ – Constituted
32 G.O.(Rt)No.1109/2023/LSGD 26/05/2023 Janakeeya Haritha Auditing-Guidelines issued
33 G.O(Rt) No.1488/2023/LSGD  21.07.2023 Constitution of Technical Committee for granting technical sanction for the regional infrastructure projects under KSWMP-Sanction accorded -Orders issued
34 G.O(Rt) No.1931/2023/LSGD  30.09.2023 KSWMP – Tripartite Portfolio Review Meeting at New Delhi held on 28.07.2023 – Deputation of Sri. U.V. Jose IAS (Rtd.) – Ex post facto sanction accorded-Orders issued
35 G.O (Rt) No.1937/2023/LSGD 03/10/2023 KSWMP – Engaging SWM Consultants in the State Project Management Unit from the rank list of SWM Engineers – Permission granted – Orders issued
36 G.O (Ms) No.179/2023/LSGD 09/10/2023 കെ.എസ്.ഡബ്ള്യൂ.എം.പി-സയൻ്റിഫിക് ലാൻഡ്ഫിൽ നിർമ്മിക്കുന്നതിന് കൊല്ലം ജില്ലയിലെ പുനലൂർ താലൂക്കിൽ സ്ഥലം ഏറ്റെടുക്കുന്നതിന് അനുമതി നൽകിയ ഉത്തരവ് സംബന്ധിച്ച്
37 G.O(Rt) No.2106/2023/LSGD 28/10/2023 Retaining additional charge of
Project Head (IT), KSWMP to Dr.K.P.Noufal
38 G.O (Rt) No.8155/2023/FIN  21/11/2023 Permission granted to PD for drawing and disburse the funds from STSB
39 G.O (Rt) No.2256/2023/LSGD  16/11/2023 KSWMP – Deputation of Sri.Renju R. Pillai, Assistant Engineer as Assistant Director (SWM) and Smt.Beena S. Kumar, Municipal Secretary Grade I as Assistant Director (Projects) at SPMU of KSWMP – Sanction accorded – Orders issued
40 G.O (Rt) No.1962/2023/LSGD  06/10/2023 Purchase of land for SWM
facilities in ULBs utilising KSWMP fund – Committee constituted for
preparation of strategy guidelines
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